Cleaning vouchers - Titres-services

Cleaning - cleaning windows - preparing meals - small sewing jobs - laundry - ironing in your home or in our office - errands and shopping                                                                                    


Arc En Ciel AMN is a cleaning vouchers company authorized by ONEM with an experience of many years in a cleaning sector. Here are our strong points:

  • many promotions (click here)
  • cleaning lady in your home in 24 hours
  • ironing in our office ready in 48 hours
  • without any supplementary or hidden costs (opening/closing of dossier, haulage)
  • cleaning lady regular and permanent
  • help in formality by Sodexo
  • a regular feed back from our clients prove our professionalism
  • quality for a good price
  • regular schooling of our cleaning ladies
  • our aim is your satisfaction
  • our cleaning ladies are qualified and instruct in a cleaning sector
  • large customers contant of our services

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Price per hour: 9€ or 6,30€ (after the tax deduction in Brussels 7,65€ and in Wallonia 8,10€ for the first 156 checs).


You will find more information in the webpage of Sodexo (click here) or in one our offices situated: